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This program is an intense look intensive to how you lead a team, but more importantly how you lead your own life. Throughout this program you will be challenged, you will be engaged, you will learn to transmute challenges and look for the good in all things.  This program will help you change your current paradigm into one of success and confidence. We ask you to be ready to commit yourself to change during this program. It is best if you can set aside one day per week to study and apply the lessons in this program to your life.  19 weeks will go by very quickly and if you engage with the material you will see an amazing transformation to how you are living and how those around you are living.  "Be the change you wish to see int he world." Ghandi

**Excelsior is great for individuals, or for a semester long Higher Ed leadership academy, and for two to three day business conferences.**

*We customize every program, based on our initial meeting and the results of your

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory assessment*         

Price: $3311 per person. 

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