Emerging entrepreneurs Matt and Elizabeth A. A. Wilson ignite the field of personal leadership and success training through their holistic and immersive flagship program: “Excelsior.”

(SARASOTA, FL | MARCH 10, 2016) – Sarasota residents Matt and Elizabeth A. A. Wilson grew weary of their traditional corporate career paths in the U.S. and abroad, and decided to embark on an entirely new future for themselves and those they coach, founding the Academy of Success and Leadership in early 2016. The couple, who are partners in life and work, have taken their 15+ years of higher education and corporate strategy backgrounds to launch a science-based, holistic, and immersive training program founded on the principals of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®.)

Unlike the “one-size-fits-all” professional development workshops so many organizations use, the A.A. Wilson’s have transformed conventional training models into motivational, skills-based and customized learning experiences with defined outcomes, creating an individual journey path to lead each learner toward their unique leadership style.

Matthew, a certified MBTI® trainer, explains it this way: “While the Academy’s curriculum is based on hard-core scientific principles and ancient wisdom, the differentiator to our training is the blending of immersive, hands-on exercises that are designed specifically for each person. Elizabeth and I use teachings on thought and consciousness so far neglected in mainstream education, plus inspiring real-life success stories and both sides of the brain.” 

The dynamic Academy team works with its clients to define and explore each individual's unique path to leadership through energetic coaching sessions that build the necessary skills to create an actionable success roadmap optimizing each learner's personal leadership style.

On Thursday, April 28, from 9am to 2pm at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, the Academy will present: "Think Like a Leader" - a primer of its flagship Excelsior training program. Tickets for this exclusive session are just $95 per person, which includes lunch, networking and a 5-module course. Event Details: Purchase Tickets Online:  

 For a free consultation on how the Academy can help your organization, and to receive more information about sponsoring or attending the April 28th “Think Like a Leader” seminar, contact Matt at 941.779.4229.


The Academy trainers share their philosophies on the new training model in this weekly leadership and success blog, publishing each Wednesday:


The Academy for Success and Leadership has developed teachings and techniques for clients to use at home and at work creating an extension of knowledge and skills into their community and beyond. By creating mindful leaders Excelsior can help clients discover their own true style of leadership and their true style in life. Using the skills and techniques learned during the Excelsior program attendees will have the power to create an environment of progress and expansion everywhere they tread.


·         Increased retention of personnel/students

·         Increased confidence

·         Improved communication within teams

·         Improved communication between departments

·         Reduced stress and conflict

·         Improved conflict management



On April 28, 2016 from 9am – 2pm, the Academy of Success and Leadership (ASaL) will present “Think Like a Leader” at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. This holistic, hands-on leadership and networking seminar is the first presentation of the company’s proprietary, flagship “Excelsior” training program, which is designed to explore an individual’s unique path to leadership, confidence, knowledge, and skill to guide them towards their personal leadership style. 

 Excelsior is a holistic approach to guiding clients through their deeper self to discover their potential for leadership and success. The program encompasses teachings about mind, thought, environment, goals and much more. Through self-analysis and self-actualization, attendees will discover the leadership traits they already possess and learn how to use their strengths confidently and with purpose.

 Seats are limited and can be purchased for $95 at