Make The Right Choice

One of the most impactful and most underused faculties we possess as human beings is the power to choose. We can choose our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviors.

It isn’t always easy. We have been programmed and conditioned into certain behaviors since birth. Parents, teachers, peers – they all had their opinions on how we should live our lives, and since we trusted their judgment we employed their tactics.

We make 35,000 decisions a day. That’s a whopping number, so our conscious mind delegates most of those decisions to our subconscious, which acts on autopilot and defaults the decision to what it has stored as our preferred response. For that reason, so many of our results, good or bad, depend entirely on that programming. Considering most of the programming was done by someone else, isn’t it time we took a look at the conditions our subconscious mind is working under?

Every decision we make takes us down one path or another. When we become consciously aware of the choices we are making we can turn those decisions into ones that support our mission for success. Bit by bit, we reprogram our subconscious until it operates on an autopilot that effortlessly and smoothly makes every decision in accordance with what is for our highest and best.

Nutritional choices become easy. Financial decisions yield greater results. The people we associate with bring more value to our lives and careers. All because we change the way we think.

It helps to first know how our mind works. We don’t need to be psychologists, it’s enough to understand the basics! Essentially we take in information through our intellect or conscious mind, specifically through our senses and intuition.  This information is then arranged by our perception and judgment, and analyzed by our thinking and feeling tools. Our conscious mind employs the power of choice to formulate a response to that information, and sometimes the response is to delegate the decision to subconscious programming, forming habits and paradigms.

Through mindful observation of our thoughts we start to recognize the patterns that create the paradigms that control our results. Perhaps we notice that when we think about money, for example, we dwell more on the lack of it than the opportunities for growth. Perhaps we notice that we think more often about obstacles than solutions. Perhaps we think about how we’re not good enough, or not worthy, or not able…

And once we notice how we’re thinking, then we can set about changing those patterns. It takes discipline to begin with, and it helps to have a toolbox of tried and tested techniques for treating our automatic negative thoughts. It helps even more to have a mentor to work with.

With conscious and focused efforts towards learning how to think, we find our decisions become effortless and our results are seriously impacted. It can be done by anyone. Anyone!! And it takes no time out of your day because your brain was going to be doing the thinking anyway.

Desire to change, invest in the development of your greatest asset, and discipline your thoughts to focus on your success. This is how you become your best self and raise your thinking to the level that matches the results you desire.

Learn how to change your thinking at “Think Like a Leader”, an immersive and life-changing event at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota on 28 April 2016. For more information, click here.