Academy of Success And Leadership's first annual "Think Like a Leader" seminar was held at Marie Selby Botanical  Gardens on April 28th. Some of the region's most exciting leaders attended, including high achievers in publishing, realty, construction, design and higher education. Speakers included Paul Blackketter (President of SANCA) and Robert Milligan (Co-Founder, Allison James). Have a look at pictures of the event and read some comments about what people are saying.

All pictures by Sorcha,

We were blown away with how well you presented yourself, the material itself and the powerful stage presence you commanded. Even at 10 years old, you never lost my son Preston’s interest and he participated in all the workbook activities which was very cool! I actually learned some things about his personality I did not know, which is priceless. The graphic design and written content of the material you prepared was world class.
Robert Milligan, Co-Founder Allison James Estates
This leadership seminar was a life changing experience and I would recommend this to anyone in any walk of life who is looking for happiness and success.

Kate McWeeney, Hair Stylist Extraordinaire
This program is deep, easy to understand, and can help you think like a leader!! ‪#‎ThinkLikeALeader‬ ‪#‎AoSandL‬

Frank Maggio, Assistant Vice President / Credit Administration