For the most part, the only thing preventing us from reaching our potential is our thinking. We all have the traits of a POWERFUL leader, but because our strengths and qualities are so UNIQUE to us we sometimes fail to recognize our own greatest gifts. 

The Academy of Success and Leadership specialize in teaching principles of thought and consciousness. What makes us different from other leadership training companies is that we blend the scientific foundation of personality assessment with established principles of mindset. This means we can not only teach you to act like a leader, but we can teach you to BE the leader YOU really are. This goes for your teams, too.

Local but global

Sure, we might be a small family business LOCAL to Sarasota, Florida - but our influence reaches across the world. 

We work globally, delivering coaching programs to our clients on all continents, so they can get serious about developing the effectiveness of their teams. The ability to first understand where you are is essential in developing an approach to improvement, which is why we work heavily with the internationally acclaimed MBTI tool.

Individuals and teams alike benefit from our FRESH approach to coaching. We're bored of the old stagnant training packages that deliver generic buzzwords and cliche exercises. By getting to the core of your teams, and connecting with each individual on a soul level, we help YOU to EMPOWER your people, and help THEM see the power of their PEAK PERFORMANCE.

This is what our clients say:

““Matt’s skilled analysis of my team’s preferences, strengths, and collective identity as well as their training on how to maximize on those raw materials has better equipped me to lead the team. Not just toward the realization of our goals, but also toward a more tangible sense of community, connection and the sense that each member is individually valued and vital to company success.”
— Ashley Griffith, USA Manager, Across the Pond

 Like you, we thrive when we're challenged. That's why we don't develop standard off-the-shelf training packages for wholesale. Instead, we work with you to develop and construct a training program that is specific to your people.  Call us and discuss what you and your team need, and we can develop a program that suits your needs.