Confidence Parties

Enjoy an evening in with your closest friends and enjoy an interactive mind expanding night with our top trainers. We will deliver a confidence party discussing techniques to master your mind and live the life you want to live.  We are passionate about engaging with the world around you and through our studies we have found that more and more people are in tune with our programs.

We develop and deliver confidence parties based on topics of your choice or you can choose from some of the topics we are passionate about.... The Secrets of the Mind, Knowing yourself Deeper,  Law of Attraction, Change your Paradigm and form new Habits, Navigating Challenges, Goals and Direction, Solidifying your Authority.

It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened.
Philip Sidney

Price: $200 per party, bring as many people as you wish.

Pocket Guide to Confidence

The Pocket Guide to Confidence is our signature program that delivers in a 5 week course everything you need to start your journey to complete confidence in everything that you do.  Through this course we will show you how to connect with yourself on a deeper level, how to manage your thoughts to create a new paradigm and way of life, how to transmute failure and turn every challenge into a success , and to solidify those thoughts and new habits so you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

Price: $60 per session

Walk with me!

A one on one interactive walk with our top trainers to listen to your musings or for you to listen to ours. We love to walk and be outside in nature and engage with people along the way. If you walk to work alone or if you walk with your dog or son or daughter, call us and we will amble along with you. Being able to interact with so many wonderful people on a daily basis  is what drives me.  I want to walk with you.

Price: $10 a mile.   get your shoes on and let's get walking.


Lunch Transformations      

These sessions are perfect for you and your teams during lunch. We will come into your office or meet with your group over lunch and present topics on Leadership, communication, conflict management and much more.  You tell us what is on your mind and we can deliver sessions to cover those areas of your life in which you feel you and your teams might need some additional guidance.



40 Days to Freedom

The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price , has changed my life!

 It offers a 40 day to prosperity plan that I will walk you through step by step. The guide is an insight into you, and it helps you meditate and identify what is important in your life. Over the 40 days we will discuss your meditations and talk about what they mean in your life right now. Through the progressive interaction of our one on one sessions you will witness a transformation in yourself that you never thought possible. All I need is your focus, intent and desire to be better. This book by John Randolph Price can help you get to where you are going. 

I was gifted with an individual who helped me understand what was happening  when I went through this book and that person helped me engage with my meditations on a deeper level. Through this interaction I discovered my path and was able to see my manifestations and gifts that were already in my life. Sometimes it is hard to see past the end of your nose, but with another's perspective you can widen and lengthen your view to help you along your way in life. 


Price: $611 per person





This program is an intense look intensive to how you lead a team, but more importantly how you lead your own life. Throughout this program you will be challenged, you will be engaged, you will learn to transmute challenges and look for the good in all things.  This program will help you change your current paradigm into one of success and confidence. We ask you to be ready to commit yourself to change during this program. It is best if you can set aside one day per week to study and apply the lessons in this program to your life.  19 weeks will go by very quickly and if you engage with the material you will see an amazing transformation to how you are living and how those around you are living.  "Be the change you wish to see int he world." Ghandi

**Excelsior is great for individuals, or for a semester long Higher Ed leadership academy, and for two to three day business conferences.**

*We customize every program, based on our initial meeting and the results of your

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory assessment*         

Price: $3311 per person.