Some Traits are Worth Discovering!

See the World the way that you want to see it!

Are you living the life you truly want?

Are you fulfilled?

Do you wake up each day thinking that there is more to life?

Guess what?... you can have the answers to these questions at any moment you choose, but once you have the answers what do you do with that new found knowledge?  

We can guide you through the process of awakening your inner senses and to acknowledging the greatness inside of you.  There are laws in this universe that once understood can guide you can  bring you abundance in all forms.  

Knowing your greatness,  Knowing your openness to the good in all things, knowing that with your thoughts you can create the world around you... with this knowledge you can wake up each day excited about life, you will know who you are and what you are meant to do in this life, and you will be fulfilled.  


You will be fulfilled through the receiving of your dreams and also, more importantly. through the giving of your gifts tot he world!



Knowing yourself Deeper  

  • ...Give you the power to create the life you want.
  • ...is the key to becoming the leader you were born to be.
  • ...will create in you a sense of success, drive, and passion for your goals and path in life.
  • ...will give you the confidence to take on any obstacle and transmute that blockage into a helpful and progression pulling opportunity for you, your goals, and the path in which you have chosen to follow.


You can start right now by acknowledging your feeling and thoughts in relation to where you are, and what you are doing?  

  • Once you begin to do this and not hide behind an identity that was created by others programming of your life you can then begin to develop a perspective on life that only you possess.
  • This perspective, and the appreciation of it will give you a new sense of love and life that will propel you towards your goals at lightening speed.


Show gratitude in everything that you do and see the good in all things.... begin by waking up everyday and smiling and saying to yourself,

Daily Mantra
I am the creator of my world, and through this knowledge only good can come into my life. I see the good in all things and because of that my life is lifted up and I lift those up around me. I am the creator of my world and my choices will fill me with joy, gratitude, and love for all things.

Matthew A.A-Wilson,CEO/Founder


The Excelsior Program is perfect for you if...


  1. You have always wanted something more in your life but did not know how to attain it
  2. Have dreamed big but were not sure of how or what to do next.
  3. Made a decision to be the best leader for yourself and your teams and need guidance in how to connect more effectively with to others.
  4. Need an extra push in life because you are not sure what is holding you back.
  5. Want to develop an attitude of success that will permeate into all aspects of your life.


Matthew A. A-Wilson, Founder/Director of Education and Business Development



When you ENGAGE in your life you open up your heart to possibilities that were never an option before. Understanding who you are is key to the progression of not only your existence but those around you as well!
Matthew A.A-Wilson, CEO/ Founder

Some Traits are Worth Discovering!



Here at the Academy of Success and Leadership we have developed a style of coaching that gets to the heart of who you are.    Most coaching programs want to develop programs according to what you are trying to achieve in life, which means that they can coach you based on what you are thinking for the day and how you are feeling. I want to coach you in a way that reaches your inner soul and goals. I want to coach you  into being the best you can be and not coach you in what you are currently doing  because the development of you come first!  If you do not know who you are how do you know where you are going.  

The Excelsior program is a bespoke program based on your inner traits.  Yes we will deign the program based on who you are, not what you are doing in life.  After the initial consultation the program will be tweaked and positioned in the best possible way for you to reach your inner core of leadership and success, and through that inner development you will awake to the possibilities and dreams that you have always envisioned for yourself.  Dreams are not meant to sit on a shelf until you retire, or even later, they are meant to be developed, pushed, tested, re organized and lived in fully!   Live fully in your dreams and develop them so they become your existence.  

Why is my program unique!  It is unique because of me and it is unique because of you!  Many thought leaders of the day will tell you that no one can do what you can do because they are not you.  THEY ARE CORRECT!  You are unique, and I am unique and because of this we can develop a strategy to get to the heart of what you are trying to achieve and who you truly are.  Because of this unique quality that each and every one of us possess we can deliver a program that has long lasting changes


Excelsior, what am i getting?


These 5 modules are perfect for an individual trying to breakthrough into that next phase of their life. We will teach you how to focus and understand your mind and your personality so you can become supremely confident and engage at a higher level in all aspects of your life.

There are a total of 19 sessions in the full excelsior program, and those sessions fall under one of the belowmodules.  This is an intensive 19 week training course, so get ready to change your life, and be prepared to work!   $3311PP

Module 1. Introduction and Self-Assessment
Begin the program by getting to know yourself deeper, exploring the characteristics that make you think, feel and act the way you do. 

Module 2. The Secrets of the Mind
Expect a thought-provoking introduction to the science of success and learn how to master your thought patterns

Module 3. Goal Setting and Direction
Discover what your goals really are and learn how to organize these into a clear and definite direction

Module 4. Challenges as a Launching Pad for Success
Did you know that when we send a spaceship into space, 98% of the time it's off-track? But because it is constantly self-correcting, each failure serves to further define the correct course of action. In that way we can say that every space mission failed its way to success. In this module we will explore techniques for transmuting challenges into the launching pads we need for success.

Module 5. Solidifying Authority
Finally, learn the practical and ultimate techniques for solidifying the leader's mindset so that your authority is true, pure and stands up to scrutiny. 


Do not worry about the money or the time,

you are going to spend

the money and the time anyway.

Decide to change your life and

engage with the decisions that come to you.


 You are on this page

for a reason, do not let this action slip away.  


We are ready to be a part of your journey towards success, confidence, joy and love.

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