These 5 modules are perfect for an individual trying to breakthrough into that next phase of their life. We will teach you how to focus and understand your mind and your personality so you can become supremely confident and engage at a higher level in all aspects of your life.

There are a total of 19 sessions in the full excelsior program, and those sessions fall under one of the belowmodules.  This is an intensive 19 week training course, so get ready to change your life, and be prepared to work!   $3311PP

Module 1. Introduction and Self-Assessment
Begin the program by getting to know yourself deeper, exploring the characteristics that make you think, feel and act the way you do. 

Module 2. The Secrets of the Mind
Expect a thought-provoking introduction to the science of success and learn how to master your thought patterns

Module 3. Goal Setting and Direction
Discover what your goals really are and learn how to organize these into a clear and definite direction

Module 4. Challenges as a Launching Pad for Success
Did you know that when we send a spaceship into space, 98% of the time it's off-track? But because it is constantly self-correcting, each failure serves to further define the correct course of action. In that way we can say that every space mission failed its way to success. In this module we will explore techniques for transmuting challenges into the launching pads we need for success.

Module 5. Solidifying Authority
Finally, learn the practical and ultimate techniques for solidifying the leader's mindset so that your authority is true, pure and stands up to scrutiny.