Matt A. A-Wilson

There has always been a profound feeling inside of me to help people. My career in Higher Education spanned 13 years and two countries, holding positions such as Dean of Students, Director of Student Welfare, Coordinator of Residence Life and Associate Director of Career Counseling to my current title as change-maker for the future.  These positions taught me one thing that has proven to be very important in my life.  That one thing is commitment.  The career that I chose was one of a hands on dedicated helper of people.  These posts required me to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and in those hours of engagement I learned how to handle extreme conflict as well as deliver stunning and life changing programs to groups and one on one sessions with my team and my students. 

I have moved onto a new journey to broaden my skills and dive deeper into the healing nature of my soul.  That endeavor has proven to be the most important decisions I have ever made. With the support of a loving family I have jumped off of the cliff, and believe me it was the scariest thing I have ever done, but the wind caught me and now I am soaring. It all stems from confidence in myself and my abilities and an understanding of the laws of the universe.   The law of vibration, the law of attraction, the law of thinking and many more are things that have governed my life without me knowing it for the most part.  Understanding the basic principles of how your mind works and how the world works around you is essential for everyone to achieve their highest and best aspirations. 

With an understanding of these principles I have developed and designed programs that work for large groups as well as the individual, and with my one on one attention to your needs and your style of learning I will help you to change your life.  

I am passionate about helping, I am passionate about being ME, I am passionate about you being you.