The Academy of Success and Leadership

The Academy was started to help individuals understand their own confidence and become the person that they have always wanted to be. With guidance from our trained coaches we will show you how to understand your self and engage with life on your terms.  Be the you, you have always wanted to be.

"The Academy is a life training and soul defining /exploring company. My purpose in life is to help people progress down their chosen path for a happier existence. When I wake up in the morning I feel motivated and rejuvinated, my days are full of joy and gratitude and when I lay my head to rest at night I feel completed and whole knowing I've accomplished higher vibrations than the previous day. I'm happiest when I'm living my purpose, and the world is a better place when you can live your purpose as well! "  Matt A. A-Wilson,Founder and Educator

"Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal"  Earl Nightingale said this and I have adopted it as a mantra for my life.  In order to progress you have to know where you are going, and in my paths through life I have landed on firm ground with ambition , desire and passion to live my life and help others live theirs.  In order to...

The Academy of Success and Leadership
For the most part, the only thing preventing us from reaching our potential is our thinking. We all have the traits of a POWERFUL leader, but because our strengths and qualities are so UNIQUE to us we sometimes fail to recognize our own greatest gifts. 

The Academy of Success and Leadership specialize in ...


CONFIDENCE PARTIES, and other programs

Come together with your friends for an evening of Confidence taught by our trainers.  Whether it is Knowing yourself deeper, Science of the Mind, Transmuting failures into success and much more we  come to your house or office and deliver our bespoke programs to give you and your friends a night to remember. Leaving you feeling exhilerated and reaady to take on the world.